Unix Processes

Almost every un*x has as processes, every process has some properties like:

Description of the most interesting fields

User: Since Un*x is a multiuser system, any process needs a User ID that will be used by the kernel to limit the privileges of the executed command.

Process ID: Every process has a PID that allows the user to uniquely identify the process in a running system. The PID is usually the process position in the kernel process table.

Parent Process ID: every process records the Parent Process ID, so he knows who is his father. When a process exits the kernel sends a SIGCHLD signal to the Parent process, if the parent does not handle this signal the child stays in <zombie> state of (defunct) until his parent exits or it handles the pending signal. If the father of a process exits before his child then the kernel sets the PPID to 1.
Process 1 is the Init process, it is started by the kernel; if this process gets killed, then the system shuts-down.

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